By powering an ordinary car to achieve an extra ordinary millage, Stabex fuel has proven to be an essential for your everday drive. You can trust our extensive distribution network to supply you with the fuel you need, where and when you need it. Our supply reliability provides peace of mind as well as potential business advantage.

Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel)

AGO also known as diesel is a less flammable fuel compared to other petroleum products such as PMS. it is more dependable and efficient when running Heavy-duty equipment like trucks, buses, and vans.

Premium Motor Spirit (Petrol)

PMS most commonly known as petrol is used to power light vehicles and generators that use internal combustion engines and petrol powered engines.

Bulk Illuminating Kerosene (Paraffin)

Paraffin is a combustible liquid commonly used as heating fuel and domestically for cooking and lighting. It also has several industrial uses for example it is widely used as a solvent.